How ONE! Brand Partner Inc. started

On June 1, 2012, a historic day for ONE! Brand Partner, three companies came together:  I-connexions in Edmonton, Reflect Promotional Products in Calgary, and Zenith Innovationz in Maple Creek. Now we were a team and ready to partner with our customers to “build and strengthen your brand image!

Merger means a blending, combining, or joining of something with something else.  The merging of these three companies brought about a stronger, more focused company that is able to meet the challenges and requests made from a rapidly expanding and changing global economy.

A little background on the people from the previous companies:

Dean from I-connexions:  Dean started I-connexions in Edmonton, AB in 2006 after moving with his family from England.  His business was small and family based which while allowing them to be very customer service driven had its drawbacks as well.  He wanted to pursue larger corporations and it became “clear that we needed to become a larger company with clearly defined departments so we could look for business from these companies.”  Also being Edmonton-based had its drawbacks, clients of that size wanted service throughout the province.  Dean said, “Those clients have offices across the province and we needed to do the same.”  An office in centrally located Calgary was needed.

Ron from Reflect Promotional Products:  Ron started Reflect in 2010, the actual Calgary-based company dates back to 1993, and was rebranded three years ago.  He feels that the greatest challenge faced by their company was lack of qualified staff – no experienced sales staff.  “We lacked efficiency, the merger brought strengths and skill sets from the other locations.”

Steve from Zenith Innovationz:  Steve began his career with an affiliate group – Arrow Specialties – in October 2004.  Once Steve had expanded his client base and knowledge, he formed his own company four and a half years ago in 2008 located in Maple Creek, SK.  Just a handful of staff with too many hats to wear and the travel distances caused by a remote location posed their own challenges.  Zenith also did not have ready access to the Calgary market.  Steve noted that “the Calgary market was concerned that you couldn’t service their needs.”

It has been interesting to note that each location brought their strengths to the table and we have been able to form a greater team because of it!  Synergy – one + one = four!

When asked what each director felt was his company’s biggest contribution to the team, they replied:

Dean – “I think it was enthusiasm and experience in sales.”

Ron – “The Calgary market – makes us more palatable to the market, not getting business because your office is not in Calgary, it’s just the psychology of the market.”

Steve – “Work ethic was the primary thing.  Sales experience of being in the industry and systems that admin staff worked on that they didn’t have in the other locations.”

The Result??

  • Online Store Programs – we can develop a program to fit customer’s needs while still being very client friendly
  • The merger has enabled us to develop partnerships & advantageous pricing structures with vendors for product collections such as Carhartt
  • Ability to overcome geographical distances by working as a team
  • Ability to serve the needs of larger corporate clients primarily in the Calgary market through the development of an internal corporate structure
  • Centralized logistics & distribution – all orders are carefully checked and packaged prior to being shipped
  • Friendly, professional sales team with an extensive knowledge of the industry and its products
  • A competent and efficient sales support team to back up the sales team with timely, detailed proposals and presentations
  • Dedicated operations management – looking after your order from start to finish
  • And much more still to come…

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